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  • Vitamin C has long been used in environmentally friendly chlorine removal agent. It is an eco-friendly chlorine remover that is in compliant with the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Water Act, which also contains vitamins to remove dead cells.
  • This product is a mixture of vitamin C and moisturizer. It effectively removes residual chlorine and chloramines from tap water. Vitamin C, as an antioxidant on the skin, can fight against skin diseases, moisturize dry skin and diminish wrinkles. It is also a great anti-aging product that promotes radiant, youthful skin. USiWater Vitamin Shower Filter provides a variety of aromatherapy effect from 3 fragrance-free natural aroma oils of lemon, lavender and rose.
  • Did you know that the presence of chlorine in tap water irritates your skin, damages airways and soft tissues, as well as, increases the risk of allergies, asthma and more? USiWater Vitamin Shower Filter's shower filter uses aromatherapy to safely filter chlorine so that you can enjoy healthier showers every day!
  • USiWater Vitamin Shower Filters contains vitamin C, milk power and propolis, each of these ingredients offer great benefits to hydration and moisturizing. Promoting healthy, smooth silky hair, and clean, soft skin.
  • USiWater Vitamin Shower Filters effectively remove sand, fine suspensions, corrosive products, so that you can protect your skin and hair while you enjoy a healthy shower.
  • USiWater Vitamin Shower Filters are not only super-protective, healthy and effective, but also offers 3 aromas to choose from: lemon, lavender, and rose, to give your skin and bathroom an amazingly beautiful scent.
  • Easy tool-free installation! Just remove the shower head, turn the USiWater Vitamin filter up, and reposition the shower head. Now, you can enjoy a quality and healthy clean shower like never before!